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False Alarm at Broxton Park

Dear Parents/Guardians of École Broxton Park School,

We just wanted to provide an update that led to a disruption at final dismissal on Wednesday, October 25 School. City of Spruce Grove Fire Department was dispatched to École Broxton Park School in response to a fire alarm that was pulled at approximately 3:05pm.  However it was determined almost immediately that it was pulled intentionally and was indeed a false alarm.

Students may have witnessed the fire trucks responding despite attempts to let them know of the false alarm. It is important that parents/guardians have discussions with their children to let them know of the consequences that may come with the discovery that an individual pulled an alarm falsely. As it states in the City of Spruce Grove's Fire Services bylaw:

"in respect of any costs incurred byFire Services in taking such action (responding to a false alarm), charge any costs so incurred by Fire Services to the person who caused the incident or the owner or occupant of the land/structure/vehicle in respect of which the action was taken."

There may also be fines issued should their be multiple offenses.

For further information on safety procedures, please familiarize yourself with Division emergency procedures at:

Linnaea Anderson, Principal
École Broxton Park School

For further information, contact:

Phone: 780-962-0212

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