Parkland Student Athlete Academy

The Parkland Student Athlete Academy (PSAA) is a program for Grades 6-9 that provides student athletes in pursuit of high performance with technical, theoretical and experiential opportunities, while keeping them engaged in a rich and complete school community focused on academic achievement. Our aim is to provide local, high-quality affordable options for unique high-performance sport programming. 

This program is a collaboration between Parkland School Division and a number of community partners who offer high-quality athletic development in their given sport. This program fosters a long-term approach to high-performance athletic development, centered around the physical, mental, emotional and cognitive improvement of the student athletes. 

The Academy program is managed by Connections for Learning in Stony Plain, while its students attend the classroom portion of their studies at École Broxton Park School. Students in Broxton Park's French Immersion program may also apply to join the Academy.

For information on the Parkland Student Athlete Academy, including the registration process, please visit the PSAA website.

Visit the PSAA Website