For Students

Student Perspectives

"I remember when I had moved here just over a year ago, and I was extremely nervous. But thinking back on those moments, I couldn’t even imagine why I was scared. There are so many wonderful staff and students, and overall peace and diversity here at school. Broxton ROCKS!"

- Grade 7 Student

"The best thing I like about my school is that we have different school types in one building. I think it’s cool to have that because we can all be together. We all learn from each other."

- Grade 5 Student

"Honestly, I think the best part about this school is the great up-to-date technology. Whether typing out your L.A. story or researching your science project, these computers can get the job done, and all in good time."

- Grade 7 Student

"I think the best things about my school are our sports teams. The sports teams let kids who want to be physically challenged or want to try a new sport try it. The coaches have the ability to make us proud of ourselves and our accomplishments."

- Grade 7 Student