Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! This year we are offering a variety of CTF courses (options) to expand your child’s knowledge and provide them with opportunities to experience something new.

Our CTF options are all either based on Alberta Education approved courses or are locally developed courses with specific learning outcomes. They are a way to explore different subjects and activities that students may want to pursue in the future.

Students will select their preferred options via an online form. Any student who does not have internet access or has not completed the form for any other reason will be guided through the process at school. 

We always try to place students in their first choice of options, but there are courses that become oversubscribed every year. We work on a case-by-case basis using first, second and third choices, student need, individual situation, and other factors to reach a fair outcome.

Options fees must be paid by the second week of each course for students to participate. There is a free option choice every term. 

Option Change Request Form

Term 1 Course Descriptions


Explore a variety of mediums and paper-craft techniques to prepare greeting cards. Follow some set step-by-step instructions and try out your own creative ideas.

Fee: $5/student

Beginning Band

Want to learn how to play a band instrument? Already did band, but want to brush up on your skills or try a different instrument? This option is for you! Students will also perform in the winter concert.

Fee: $30/student

Foods (full afternoon option)

Students will learn how to handle food safely, budget for a meal, shop for groceries and yes… even make some recipes!

Fee: $25/student

Outdoor Ed

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? In Outdoor Ed, you will learn skills and gain confidence in a wide range of environmentally responsible outdoor activities, and eventually be able to demonstrate all the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes you'll need to have safe, comfortable, outdoor experiences. Skills covered will include camping basics and fire building.

Fee: $5/student

Film Studies

Film Studies is for students who wish to learn more about filmmaking and enhance their critical appreciation of films. Students will gain an understanding of film as a distinct form of art, technology and visual media. In analyzing film during this comprehensive course, students will develop a critical appreciation for this medium as an art as well as a form of communication. Come analyze some films and create your own!

Fee: Free

Fit for Life

Knowing how to take care of yourself is an essential part of living a healthy life. It is never too early to start learning about healthy eating, wise food choices and proper exercise. Bonus: In this class, you will also get to taste-test some healthy smoothies.

Fee: $5/student


Buenos días chicos! You already speak English and French - it's time to expand your horizons and discover Spanish! In this option, you will learn the most common and useful everyday Spanish expressions, which will be invaluable for your next trip to Mexico or Spain. In addition, you will have the opportunity to sing in Spanish, and even bailar! (dance)

Fee: Free

Term 2 Course Descriptions

Sports Science

Take things to the next level in this course for the athletically minded, and have a look at the science behind the athlete. Gain an introduction to anatomy, injury management, nutrition, and training & conditioning. Sports Science will incorporate both classroom and active components, and of course... a smoothie competition.

Fee: $2/student

Winter Sports

Let's make the best of winter and enjoy some cross country skiing, snowshoeing, skating and more. Be ready for some fun in the snow.

Fee: Free

Advanced Band

If you took Beginner Band or Grade 6 Band previously, Advanced Band will take you to the next level of expertise on your instrument. Students will perform in the Spring concert.

Fee: $30/student

Community Volunteering

In this option, students will volunteer in our local school community (e.g. running charitable fundraisers, collecting items for the food bank, etc.), perform acts of service for our neighbours and local organizations, and evaluate their volunteering experiences at their conclusion.

Fee: $10/student

Graphic Design/Digital Art

Students will use web-based programs to create digital art for print, modelling their work after the style of known artists, as well as designing totally original posters, advertisements, and other creations.

Fee: $10/student


Explore colour, line and composition. Experience art throughout the ages. Learn basic techniques in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional perspectives. Work with different mediums, including pencils, charcoals, watercolour & acrylic paints, pastels and sculpture. Come create!

Fee: $5/student


Master essential esthetic skills to enhance your look. Focus on nail, hair and makeup techniques, from the basic to the creative. Come and explore what beauty means to you.

Fee: $10/student

Foods (full afternoon option)

Students will learn how to handle food safely, budget for a meal, shop for groceries and yes… even make some recipes! This course is identical to that offered in Term 1.

Fee: $25/student

Term 3 Course Descriptions

Triathlon (full afternoon course)

Learn about the sport of triathlon, including how to switch gears and transition efficiently. Come swim, bike and run. Become competition-ready for an optional “Kids of Steel” Triathlon.

Note: Participating students will need to supply their own bike in good working order, with a bell equipped. The course fee covers the cost of pool access.

Fee: $25/student

Drama (full afternoon course)

In Drama, students will focus on preparing and performing a play for the end of the year. If you like to act, this is the course for you!

Fee: $5/student

Web Design

Students will learn the basics of web design, and create an online portfolio to showcase their knowledge, opinions, business ideas and more.

Fee: Free

Coding/Robotics/3D Printing

Have you ever wanted to create your own code? Would you be interested in building your own robot? Have you ever wondered how apps are built?

Using a variety of digital learning environments, robots and iOS apps, learn the basics of coding and programming, and even create your own robot! In each class, you will be challenged to learn new things about coding and programming, and then test your knowledge by completing specific projects. Problem solving, citizenship, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity skills are a must.

Fee: $15/student


Why won't avocado grow in Canada? Is it possible to grow watermelon here? What about other fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants? Come gardening and answer these questions together.

In this class, we will learn the ABCs of gardening, grow some food and discover how to transplant seedlings to your garden at home.

Fee: $5/student


You can take professional-quality photos using your cell phone. In this class, you will learn techniques for creating joyful and vibrant imagery. Get inspiration from the works of well-known professional photographers like Angelika Kollin, Stephen Hoffman and more - and take your first step towards joining their ranks.

Fee: Free

Foods (full afternoon option)

Students will learn how to handle food safely, budget for a meal, shop for groceries and yes… even make some recipes! This course is identical to that offered in Term 1 & 2.

Fee: $25/student

For more information contact:
Marc Dickner, Assistant Principal
École Broxton Park School
Phone: 780-962-0212
Email: marc.dickner@psd.ca