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  1. Broxton Honor Choir is today at 12:30 lunch recess in Mme iampen’s room. See you there!

  2. Summarizing is a great reading skill to help readers double check that they understand what they are reading. One easy way to practice this skill is by writing down one brief sentence or a few key words to describe what you have read after every paragraph of reading. There are also fun ways to practice this strategy by pretending to have a dollar and it costs you 10 cents for every word you use to describe the paragraph. Are you able to save some money or have you spent all your words? Give it a try and see how that strategy works out for you.

  3. Any French Immersion students in grades 7 to 9 interested in playing in the staff student hockey game please come to a quick meeting at 12:00 in the gym.
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