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  1. This is a new month and with a new month we are focusing our attention on one of the last reading strategies to teach you called synthesizing. Synthesizing is considered to be one of the most challenging reading strategies because you have to apply many different reading strategies for synthesizing to happen. Using background knowledge, inferencing, and information in the text, and connecting them all to create meaning and useful information. Make sure to give yourself the grace of patience as this skill will come with regular practice. You’ve got this! Happy reading!

  2. Jr. Badminton Team has practice after school until 4:45. 

  3. Students in extracurricular music groups (Grade 3 Choir, Senior Choir, Broxton Honor Choir, Handbells, Concert Band) will be participating in Monday Music Mania! in the Small Gym and back park, this afternoon during blocks 6-7. Students - wait for an announcement before you come to the small gym!

  4. Reminder Soccer practice after school until 4:45pm. Meet at the field.

  5. Tomorrow, May 2, Curly Hair Day! How curly can you get?
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