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  1. By now, I bet you are all thinking that making predictions is getting to be pretty easy when it comes to reading. The steps are pretty simple: 1. Gather as much information from the text or the book pictures as you can, 2. Think about that information and what you know about that information, and 3. Make a prediction of what will come next. I wonder if this strategy can be used in ways that don’t involve books. Can you brainstorm ways that don’t involve books with your class throughout this week?

  2. Grade 2 Music Club is this Friday at lunch recess in Mme iampen’s room for those who signed up.  Check with Avah or Kendra in Grade 4 if you’re not sure which day you are signed up for.

  3. A big congrats to the Sr. Girls Volleyball team for coming in third in the Broxton-Graminia Sr. Volleyball Tournament this past weekend. Also a huge shout-out to the Sr. Boys Volleyball team who were Tournament Champions! Great job boys.
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