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  1. Let’s get our thinking brains activated this morning with a quick example of inference. I will read you a sentence and you share your inference with an elbow buddy. “The floor is covered in shreds of newspaper, and Susan's dog has a small piece of newspaper stuck in his fur.” Who did it?
    It can be inferred that Susan's dog ate the newspaper. How did we come up with that inference? That’s right, the newspaper was stuck to his fur and I know dogs like to shred things.
  2. Jr. Badminton Team has a game after school today at Prescott. Bring a snack and water and the coaches will meet you there by 3:30!

  3. Senior Choir is today at 12:00 lunch recess in Mme iampen’s room. See you there!

  4. Soccer Tryouts after school today for all junior high students interested in playing on Broxton’s coed soccer team. Meet Mme Inglis and Mme Middleton at the south soccer field at 3:20.

  5. Channeling Grimm rehearsal at lunch recess today. Scenes 1 to 3. Meet on the stage at 12:30.

  6. Concert band at noon!
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