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  1. With a new month we move on to a new reading comprehension strategy called Inferencing. First we start with understanding the action word of Inferring which means using the clues in the text and from your prior knowledge to help you understand what is happening. Secondly, we focus on the clues or things that authors indirectly say in the text. When we say indirectly, that means they didn’t purposefully write those words down, however there is always an underlying message that the writer is stating. When you are reading this month, ask yourself what is it that I can describe about what is happening that is not written in my text. 

  2. Senior Choir is today at 12:00 lunch recess in Mme iampen’s room. See you there!

  3. Dance club for grade 3 in the small gym today from 12:30-1!

  4. Concert band rehearsal today at noon.
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