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  1. Senior Choir is today at 12:00 lunch recess in Mme iampen’s room. See you there!

    1. Huge congratulations to the Sr. Boys Basketball team who won the league finals yesterday, coming home with the banner. They played a great game against a very good SPA team.  Great job boys!! Thanks to all those staff and students who came out to cheer them on. 

Pi Day

What is Pi

Pi or π is a Greek letter used by a British Mathematician, William Jones in 1706. Mathematically, Pi is simply the ratio between the diameter and circumference of every circle. It is where the circumference is the length around the circle and the diameter of the length from one side of the circle to the other whilst going through the center.

Some more Practical Uses of Pi

  • Statisticians can use pi to track population dynamics
  • Pi has been used when studying the structure of the eye.
  • Understanding the structure and function of DNA
  • Designers and engineers use it to calculate the areas of the skin of the aircraft
  • Used in Navigation such as GPS
  • NASA can even use pi by calculating the size of craters and extrasolar planets or even to figure out how much propellent a spacecraft has, or what an asteroid is made of!

Pi Jokes (Throughout the day during breaks)

Why should you never start talking to pi at a party?

Because it just goes on forever.

What was Sir Isaac Newton’s favorite dessert?

Apple pi.

Why is pi so lucky in love?

Because its love is infinite and non-repeating.

What did pi say when someone asked if it could explain what Pi Day was again?

"I don't want to repeat myself."

Did you know?

That 3.14% of sailors are Pi-rates?

What do you get when you divide a jack-o-lantern by its diameter?

Pumpkin pi.

How many bakers does it take to bake a pi?


What do you get when a bunch of sheep stand around in a circle?

Shepherd's pi.

Why did pi fail its driving test?

Because it didn’t know when to stop.

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