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  1. Oh we are getting so close to the Halloween! I am getting soo excited for candy! Although it is a fun activity to be involved in, keep in mind this week’s health tip about sugary snacks and how that affects our body. Our body has three types of energy sources that fuels our body: carbohydrates which is sugar, fats, and protein. Our first source of fuel is sugars but the tricky thing is simple sugars like candy, is used up super fast. This leaves us really hungry after so we feel the need to eat more when we probably don’t need to. Complex sugars which are the natural sugars found in foods, gives us longer lasting energy which makes our energy levels feel fuller for a longer period of time. So this week’s health tip is: only have sugar snacks every now and then as compared to natural sugars, or complex sugars, more often.

  2. The Jr. Girls Volleyball team has practice today after school until 4:45pm.

  3. Sr. Boys and Sr. Girls Volleyball teams both play SPA after school today at Broxton. Games will start right after school in the large gym. Go Fusion!

  4. If you participated in Cross-Country this year, there will be a short team meeting tomorrow at morning recess B (10:15 am). A team photo will be taken at this time. You are invited to wear Broxton Park colours or Broxton park apparel if you have it.

  5. There is Chess Club in the Learning Commons from 12:00-1:00 today.
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