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  1. Broxton Honor Choir Auditions will be THURSDAY at lunch recess as Mme iampen is away today.

  2. Grades 4-7, don’t forget to drop off your choir forms with Mme iampen. Senior Choir starts this Friday!

  3. Senior Handbell Auditions will be on Wednesday, January 18 at the start of lunch. Bring your lunches to Mme Brophy’s music room. Students must be in grade 6 - 9 and have at least 1 year of Junior Handbells to audition.

  4. Concert Band sign up sheet is now outside Mme Brophy’s room. Rehearsals will be Tuesdays at lunch and will begin next week. Students in Grade 7-9 are able to sign up under the instrument they played. Sign up by Friday to ensure your instrument will be available.

  5. Our Jr. Basketball teams play their first league games tonight. Jr. Boys Yellow play at JPII at 4 pm. Jr. Boys Blue and Jr. Girls both play at Broxton vs. STA. Jr. Boys Blue will play first. Go Broxton!

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