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  1. Wellness Tip of the week: All athletes experience the jitters before any big event. They get nervous, feel like their body is sweatier than average, they don’t want to eat a lot, kind of bouncing around in anticipation of the event. When they get to the event, all those things are forgotten and they play the best game they have ever played. All those things that those athletes feel before the big game is created by the feeling of stress but keep in mind that sometimes stress is a good thing. It activates some parts of our body to prepare itself for something important to you. It allows your body to get in this ready state for something that you have been looking forward to. What is most important to know though is that this is a healthy position to be in. What is not healthy is if you are feeling the jitters all the time and not able to come down from that. If you are experiencing this, make sure to have conversations with the trusted adults in your life to help you. Some stress is good, a lot of it is not so helpful for you to feel like you perform to the best of your abilities.  

  2. Jr. Badminton wrap-up will be Wednesday after school from 3:15 - 4:45! Spread the word to teammates and the coaches will see you there!
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