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  1. Wellness Tip of the Day: Media balance is important. What does that mean? It means being aware of when and when not to be using an electronic device. In class, we encourage you to have this discussion and to ask when it is appropriate and not appropriate to be using electronic devices whether that is at school or at home. For example, is it ok for you to be using a device when someone is trying to talk to you? Or what about in a restaurant, is it ok to be on your cellphone when you are having a meal with family or friends? Does it change depending on the people you are with? Those are great questions to determine how to best balance the use of electronic devices.

  2. Lunch-o-lele for Grade 6 happens today at lunch recess, in Mme iampen’s classroom.

  3. Sr. Girls Basketball practice today after school in the large gym until 4:45.

  4. Chess club today at lunch recess in the learning commons. Students will be eating in their classrooms and may come down for chess club during their recess only.
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